Secure Payment accepts PayPal and Credit Cards as our payment methods and US dollar, Euro and British pound as our currency. But a PayPal account is not necessary. Allows you to pay using your PayPal account OR the PayPal secure terminal using a credit or debit card.

    We are working towards accepting more payment methods and currencies in future to make your shopping more convenient. Any news about the new payment methods and currencies will be updated on this page.

    Important: Please make sure you key in the correct English delivery address in the process of checkout, Otherwise the items you order will be sent out to your default PayPal or Credit Card Billing address.

    Discreet Billing

    What appears on your billing statement? We've taken great measures to ensure that when your PayPal and credit card is charged it has NO mention of this website, or the products that you buy from us - we guarantee your complete privacy with all charges from us. What actually shows on your billing statement is, "payment for your order#".

    Buyer Protection

    If an eligible item that you’ve bought online doesn’t arrive, or doesn’t match the seller’s description, PayPal's Buyer Protection may reimburse you for the full amount of the item plus postage. Buyer Protection may cover your eligible online purchases, on our website, when you use PayPal. It also covers you when you make a payment on PayPal's website. Conditions apply.


    A buyer may request a chargeback or fund reversal from PayPal, or his credit card company but he may not pursue both at the same time or seek a double recovery. PayPal may put a hold on the funds in the seller's account to cover a request. PayPal will help and inform you of every step of the process to resolve a case.

    Security Around the Clock

    PayPal monitors every transaction 24/7 to help protect against fraud, email phishing and identity theft. Every transaction is heavily guarded behind PayPal's next-level encryption. If something seems suspicious, PayPal's dedicated team of security specialists is immediately on it to help protect you from fraudulent transactions.

    Your Information is Secured

    When you pay with PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the seller, and you can pay using only your email address and password. All PayPal transactions are protected by advanced data encryption. If you forget your login, you can recover it by yourself or contact PayPal if you need help.

    Seller Protection

    If we received an unauthorized payment (for example, from a hacked account) or a buyer claims he never received his item, PayPal Seller Protection can help us get the full amount of an eligible payment, subject of the Claim, Chargeback, or Reversal and waive the Chargeback Fee, if applicable. As long as we meet the eligibility requirements, we may be protected.