What is Hismith KlicLok system?

    Hismith KlicLok system is an Eight-square connector, designed for non-spin thrusting. More steady than other connector systems, keep attachments in position, say no to the rotation.

    Hismith’s patented KlicLok system enables you to attach or lock sex machine attachments in place with a simple click.

    A quick connect and release coupling solution, help user replace the attachments in seconds, truly unusual convenience and quickly.

    One dildo with KlicLok system: you can use it in combination with one of Hismith Premium Sex Machines or as a suction cup dildo!

    KlicLok® is the connection method that allows a connection for certain dildos to the Hismith Premium Sex Machines, also allows you to remove the connector out of the dildo and instead use the suction cup. With the strong suction cup you can attach the dildo to any smooth and flat surface, enjoy hands-free pleasure.