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    Sex Toy/Masturbator Bandage for Hismith Sex Machines

    Sex Toy/Masturbator Bandage for Hismith Sex Machines

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    Why a Sex Toy/Masturbator Bandage for your Hismith Sex Machine?

    This elastic bandage allows Hismith machine users to strap any large masturbator sleeve, pocket pussy, or large size vibrator sex toys to Hismith fucking machines.

    It features a long Velcro strap that wraps around the plastic mount. The mount itself has a spiral-shaped holding arm that you can stretch open before allowing it to close around your toy.

    You then just tightly wrap the Velcro around the outside to secure your toy onto it. Then fit it to the end of your Hismith sex machine thrust rod to enable you to get hands-free orgasm.

    ➤ Used for all Hismith premium sex machines that utilize the KlicLok System.
    ➤ Made out of high-quality aluminum alloy, 304L stainless steel & a high elastic band.

    • This item is sold separately, the machine and sex toys on picture are for reference only.
    • Please don't wash this adapter with strong detergents and keep it dry in case of rusting.
    • Never Connect or Disconnect bandage adapter while machine running.
    • Always check the bandage adapter is securely connected.
    • Always follow the instructions in the manual.

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